Tack Onda Inkasso…

… för att ha delat denna magnifika diss. Ghostface on Tyga:

”First off I gotta address the fact that this rodent fetus lookin dick breather got the most punchable face on God’s green earth. I aint jus sayin that to be disrespectful neither yo…I mean that shit. Look at this marsupial ass muthafucka’s face n tell me you dont wanna break a Nebuchadnezzar sized champagne bottle on his grill. I be havin actual daydreams where I slap the duck sauce out this muthafucka sometimes yo. I gotta slap his mosquito larvae lookin ass back to the Paleolithic age. I wanna slap this fool so hard that every version of his future self in every year between now n whenever gon feel it n be like YO WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT N WHY THE WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE SWOLE UP N MY TEETH IS ALL FALLIN OUT RIGHT NOW? Main reason why I dont like this bird ass nigga is cuz 1) his songs is wild trash n 2) he stay doin wild corny shit. When this fool got hisself into some “predicaments” wit Lil Durk n Durk was basically gon have some crazy ass Chiraq niggas comin for his soul at some point the nigga Michael Ray Nguyen aint handle that shit like a man he went runnin to Game n hid behind that nigga instead. This fool jus brought in a nigga who aint had nothin to do wit the shit n hid behind him like a bitch. Then Durk n Game crossed paths after the BET awards n ended up makin peace n this tatted up twinkie went back to bein ass out all overagain. Pretty sure its only a matter of time before somebody close to Durk sends this nigga back to the essence b… This nigga jus all types of corny n stay jumpin on trends n basically got no idea of his own at all b. When niggas was fuckin wit molly his lame ass made a song called “Molly”. Then hookah was poppin n all a sudden this nigga got a song called “Hookah”. Never mind the fact that the nigga thinks he can enlarge his doodles n say he channelin Basquiat. Man yall need to get this cockroach the fuck outta here already.”

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