Kära dagbok!

Idag skulle jag inshallah varit på ett underbart bröllop på Mallorca, men det var jag inte. I stället barnvaktade jag två barn plus mina egna strax efter att jag vaknat, 8:30. Det var delvis kul och mysigt och delvis stressigt. ”My dad said that we were going to your house really early to have sweets.” ”Did he really tell you that?” … ”Hm, mhm, but I think he might have been really tired when he said that, maybe?”

Sedan åkte James och jag och fem barn till Tate. Vi åt lunch och sedan var det såhär:

Walked around Tate Modern today with five children and one adult except myself. It was as you probably understand a great art-experience, very calm and quiet, nobody getting lost, no nagging at all about get to buy rainbow-coloured sets of pens and Roy Lichstenstein-pillows in the museum shop. Or sweets. Or needing the toilet. Or being told off for walking to close to the railings and/ or touching the art. We went through the abstract sections, having decent and civilized conversations about Dubuffet. The elevator seemed to be full at all times, but my friend James did NOT yell: ”YOU KNOW THERE ARE STAIRS, RIGHT? IT’S NOT LIKE YOU’RE FUCKING DISABLED OR ANYTHING” to the people in them. Apart from that we were perceived as a dysfunctional Amish family with five kids 2-8. People smiled at us, whispering counting the children, shaking their heads when the thought we could not see and smiling with sadness and encouragement when they thought we could see. Great afternoon.

(måste tydligen uppdatera grejer för att posta bilder av detta spektakel. Stay tuned.)

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